Wednesday, November 11, 2009

short story #1: Leaving the Rumba Cafe.

I leave the coffee shop/lounge/bar/art area kind of discompbubulated with my computer bag, my phone in one hand, and my keys in another just in time to not miss my bus - that's if I haven't missed it yet.

I step outside and pull out my umbrella. Brrr! I didn't realize how cold it was outside since for the last 3 hours I have been sitting inside this newfound coffee place to do my work (which I truly enjoyed too).

I walk to the end of the street and realized I missed the light, so I have to wait 60 seconds until my light turns green up ahead. The opposite corner on the right side of the street lets me know the countdown to when I get to cross.

My umbrella decides to rebel and randomly turns upside down and leaves me looking pretty funny in the rain - think about it. A young woman about to cross the street at 10:37 pm with an upside down umbrella due to the higher winds. That's a sight.

A taxi pulls right up. I signal "no thank you," then cross the street. Ha. They think i'll go for them just because they come right up to the curb. Just like boys.

As I am crossing the street I realize that this whole time I have been shivering - probably for two reasons: 1) my body did not expect it to be this cold out just about 2 minutes ago and 2) i really have to pee. Like i don't-think-i'll-make-it-home pee.

I check on my phone again to see what time the next bus is scheduled to arrive. 5 minutes. good.

I spot a few feet up ahead a sign that says: "Empanadas" and right next to it, a flashing sign "open."

"Hmmm, let's see what that is! Maybe I can use their bathroom. I've got 5 minutes."

To my surprise, they are Argentinian Empanadas. Where have I been this whole time? Obviously not on 18th and Columbia Rd NW, which will now be a new-found hang out spot for me.

The empanadas were enourmous (compared to what i've seen), stuffed with all sorts of different guizados: from chorizo, to huevo, to carne molida, to veggies, to spinach, to... ay.

"This looks amazing! So big!" I pretended as if I was actually going to buy an empanada. I really just wanted to use their WC, and wait for the bus in there because the empanadas place was surprisingly warm and cozy.

"Do you have a restroom I could use?"

"No, not right now."

"oh ok, no worries. Now, let's see... what do I want. Ya ni se!"

I remembered: my phone had said the bus would arrive in 5 minutes. It's probably now 2 minutes left.

"Well, thank you. I will have to come back!" He offered me a menu.

That visit was great. No barthroom, but i did warm up for those 3 minutes. I had stopped shaking by then.

I pull my umbrella back out and open it up. Went back to the bus stop and waited - my predictions and my phone were correct. I wasn't alone during my wait - there was another older man with a huge jacket waiting silently and patiently too. Didn't even greet me. punk.

Within 1 minute bus #96 arrived. What a relief. The heaters inside those things are amazing.

I got off on New Jersey Ave and P st. One block West of my school. It was still raining, but I was not shaking anymore from the cold. I was on a mission: to get home to pee.

My periferal vision was not at its best because the hood of my raincoat was disturbing it - although the wind kept on dropping it from my head. About every 20 - 30 seconds though, I turned half of my body back just to, you know, keep my eyes out. No one.

I kinda see someone in the distance to the left - i think that's an alley.

Nah, no harm to me.

Crap. My umbrella. It's upside down again.

Luckily I'm wearing my rain boots. I have felt no water in my socks all night - and I'll confess. I have been purposefully been stepping on larger puddles of water and fall leaves just for the feel of... nothing! ha. I love it. Got complimented on my fun boots too earlier tonight.

I walk past my school, past the tall and orange trees, past the mini-mart in the corner of my street, and through the sea of wet orange and brown-colored leaves that lead me to my house. My coat is drenched in watermarks because of the rain - I didn't feel too wet myself.

I loved the sound of the water drops on my umbrella - i noticed this while trying to get the door open.

Shh, it's late. It's 11:05pm. It's so warm in here - how high is the heater on for?

Wait. Gatta go pee first.